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Weldable Type Flange Adaptors / Adapters

Manufacturer Supplier Exporter of MS Mild Steel Weldable Type Flange Adaptors, Weldable Type Flange Adaptors, Flange Type Adaptors from Ahmednagar Maharashtra India.

The ANANT is equipped with two flanges and one follower end-ring. This design offers optimal gasket control with the separate stud bolts applying pressure to the gasket independently of the tie-rods making the flange connections. This allows a reduction in the number of tie-rods required as their function is restraining only. The AEF - WFA comes equipped with 25 % tie-rods for PN 10 and PN 16 and 50 % tie-rods for PN 25 and PN 40 applications.

The AEF - WFA also makes an unrestrained set-up possible. Here no threaded tie-rods are used allowing the dismantling joint to act as a limited expansion joint absorbing noises and vibrations in the pipeline. This variant requires a fixed point in the pipeline. Anchoring is required if the pipe end can be pulled out of the dismantling joint
Both versions of the AEF - WFA are available in the pressure ratings PN 10, PN 16, PN 25 & PN 40 and in nominal sizes of DN 50 to DN 1600, with a standard longitudinal adjustment of + 25 mm. Connection flanges to any standard are available upon customer request. Larger nominal sizes, higher pressure ratings and non-standard build lengths are also available on request.

The AEF - WFA with four flanges and 100 % tie-rods is the ultimate solution for challenging installations. The additional flange results in an increased construction length which makes it possible to slide the threaded tie-rod between end flanges during installation and removal. The AEF - WFA is also suitable in situations where the overall space only just corresponds to the construction length. This allows sideways insertion making the AEF - WFA ideal for cases where the connection flanges are fixed e.g. where pipes protrude out of the wall.
The additional flange also makes a time-saving preliminary installation of valves possible. The valve and dismantling joint can be fitted together in the pipeline assembly which are then fitted and clamped together (and removed again) together with the dismantling joint. A further advantage is the continuous threaded tie-rods on one side which makes it possible to remove the valve only. The AEF - WFA can be locked at the required length with adjustability of + 25 mm when installed in pipelines. Connection flanges can also be delivered according to different standards.

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Weldable Type Flange Adapter